Voluntary Servitude

“For I was the king’s cupbearer.” – Nehemiah 1:11c

cupAfter Cyrus conquered Babylon, he allowed the Jews to begin returning to Jerusalem. It is not certain whether he denied anyone permission to leave on their own.  Therefore, it is possible Nehemiah remained in Persia by his own will or act of faith.

He was the king’s cupbearer, which meant he was basically part of the ancient secret service. He protected the king from poisoning by tasting his drink before serving it to him. Nehemiah had a place of great honor in Persia and great influence as well. The king had come to trust him and was close to him. Whether or not Nehemiah was there willingly or by force, he chose to serve as serving the Lord. He was faithful to his position and it ended up working to the benefit of all of Israel.

We may not always know why we are in our current circumstance of life, but we do know that God is with us. We should act in faith and integrity as serving the Lord.


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