Good “Earnest” Work

Nehemiah 3:20-30

We will look at a much larger portion of Scripture in today’s study because there is an overarching theme that unites several of these workers. The level of devotion shown by these men is an excellent example for us to follow in our active service to the Lord.

????????????????????????????????????????In verse 20, a man named Baruch is said to earnestly repair his portion of the wall.  The Hebrew word for earnestly bears multiple meanings from anger to heated behavior. I think the latter most likely applies here. If we were to see this man working today, we would say, “He is working like a mad man on that wall!” Oh, if we could only be accused of such behavior in our devotion to God!

Also notice in this verse that it was the portion of the wall where Eliashib’s house was, but he was not working on that part. The high priest had a more important job in the Temple so he was working on that part. Our ministers today need to have that kind of liberty to work their primary job.

In verse 21, we come across a name we have heard before. Meremoth apparently was such a hard worker that he finished his part (Neh. 3:4) and came here to help finish.  Verse 27 records the same thing about the Tekoites. Remember, their nobles would not work nor would they spend their riches for materials or workers for their portion of the responsibility. These Tekoites, however, not only over came the lazy arrogance of their nobles, they finished early and were able to help out on another part! What a great testimony and example these folks are. Their focus was not on themselves. It was not even just on their part of the job.  They wanted everyone to succeed for the glory of Jerusalem!

The next several verses contain more Anonymous Yet Vital workers. Each family working diligently on their portion of the wall. The Nethenims were servants of the Temple. They had the responsibility of bringing water to the Temple. Therefore, they worked on that gate. Some of those listed here don’t even include a family name!

Verse 30 speaks about a man that has this same earnest work ethic as the Tekoites and Meremoth. Zalaph had six sons (possibly more) but only Hanun showed up to work. He ignored the bad example of his five older brothers and led his family in the good work of rebuilding the wall!

We may be blessed with good examples of service in our earthly families. But even if we are not, we have men like Baruch, Hanun, Meremoth, and the Tekoites to show us that we can do great things in the kingdom of God!


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