Nothing But Troubles

Nehemiah 4:7-12


When they realized that their bully technique of mocking the Israelites was not working, Sanballat and the others gather more friends into their gang and make plans to attack Jerusalem and stop the work. On top of that, the trash from the reconstruction is piling up because those that bear that burden have grown weary. And on top of that, rumors from fellow Jews are telling them that Sanballat and his thugs are going to smother them with an attack before they even know they are there!

It looks absolutely hopeless! Or does it? The Israelites seem to ignore these threats as well.  They pray, they set a guard, and like the Energizer Bunny, they just keep going and going!

When we get discouraged in our Christian walk, it can sometimes feel like there is more trouble around every turn. It seems like every time we do something right, there is another  obstacle trying to block our path.  We are not hallucinating when we see this happening. The devil really hates it when we follow God. When we do good, the devil does everything he can to stop us! We can take a lesson from the courage of Nehemiah and these Israelites, they kept marching on, so can we!


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