Early Warning System

Nehemiah 4:19-23

Alarm Bell over whiteNehemiah, like all good leaders, does not ignore the severity of their situation. He tells it like it is. “The work is hard and we are stretched too thin to complete the work and defend ourselves.” He devises an early warning system where trumpeters would sound the alarm when an attack was coming. Defenders from other parts of the city would then come and lend help to thwart off any attack. This added threat of attack also made it necessary to sleep in their work clothes, with their weapons on the job site. They also brought in those who lived outside the city to protect them at night. They were willing to do whatever was necessary to finish the work.

Sometimes our service to the Lord is very demanding. But when the danger is so threatening, we must be willing to make personal sacrifices of comfort to ensure that our families are safe from the dangers of the world. And that is the key to remember, the danger IS that threatening. The enemy will try to discourage through mocking and peer pressure. He will try to sneak in through the media we watch and read. He will threaten us, and possibly even wage a full attack on us. We must be ready!


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