Worship Is For God’s Glory Not Man’s Entertainment

Please read Nehemiah 13:1-14.

sRShvA few years ago, I was casually walking through a Christian bookstore and a title caught my eye. I do not remember the exact title, but it was something like “What Have We Done?” It had a cover picture of people playing electric guitars and a crowd jumping up and down. I was kind of curious why such a book would be in this kind of store, so I picked it up and read a little.

The main purpose of the book was to show what a huge mistake it was to bring in modern rock music to a worship service. This was not someone, like me, observing from the outside. This was a man who had once encouraged the idea in order to draw in a younger, hipper crowd.  His conclusion? They got a younger, hipper crowd that really wanted nothing to do with the word of God or righteous living.

As we have already seen in the book of Nehemiah, the physical events of the Old Testament have spiritual application for us today.

In response to the law of God, the Israelites separated themselves from the nations around them. In fact, when Nehemiah returned and saw that Eliashib was still making deals with Tobiah, he aggressively removed Tobiah, his things, and his influence!

They stopped acting like their worldly neighbors, and began seeking righteous living. The Israelites did not allow the world or their pagan practices in their Biblical worship.

Christians today should look, act, and speak differently than the sinful world. Our homes, as we have already discussed, should be dedicated to God. Our houses of worship should be set apart as well. We should not use the things of the world in  worship because the things of this world attract worldly people who do not fear God and seek righteousness.

This is not to discouraged evangelism in the world. We are to go everywhere preaching the gospel. The simple approach sharing the word through preaching or Bible study worked for the first century church.

Why do we now feel that we need tricks and shows to draw in the people? Is the gospel no longer sufficient?


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